By Khalil Idris

Business partners Robert Pantusa and Luca Valerin are both co-owners and chefs at Osteria Giotto in Montclair, NJ. Let’s learn more about Giotto through Mr. Pantusa.

When did the concept for Osteria Giotto come about?

The concept for Osteria Giotto came about 13-14 years ago in Italy. My business partner and I worked together at a restaurant called San Domenico.

What is your favorite dish?

It’s hard for me to decide a favorite dish. However our Spaghetti Alla Chitarra Ai Frutti Di Mare is a preferred dish. The pasta is freshly cut using guitar strings.

Why should everyone visit Giotto?

We’re unique in what we make. Everything is made in the restaurant. Our food is freshly prepared before it is served. Also, we’re known for our lasagna, “this is the true lasagna.”

We always like to end with this question, what in life brings you joy?

My family brings me joy. The little bit of time that I do have, I love spending it with my family.

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