Aviation - A look inside the world’s most luxurious private jet

by MyBroadband

The Gulfstream G650ER is considered the ultimate private jet by industry experts, and certainly lives up to that exception when it comes to the price tag – $66 million (R886 million).

The G650ER boasts a range of 13,890km when flying at Mach 0.85 (1,040km/h), which its makers claim no other business aircraft can achieve.

This allows it owners to fly direct from Hong Kong to New York, not only without stopping, but in world-class luxury.

Standard features on the plane include digital audio and high-definition video equipment, 26-inch TVs, a convection oven, porcelain dinnerware, flatware, and stemware with fitted storage – along with the ability to cruise at 15,000m above sea level.

The G650ER

The G650ER gives buyers a choice of 12 predefined floorplans, and the option to customise these layouts.