LendIt USA

It was great being an exhibitor at LendIt USA 2017 in NYC. LendIt holds the world's biggest show in Lending & Fintech.

Essentials - Tan Suit

Isaiah Hemmingway - Casey Kaplan Gallery

Simon Starling's The Liminal Trio Plays The Golden Door solo exhibition will be on display at the Casey Kaplan Gallery through April 22nd. It was an honor creating the bespoke suit similar to the Southern Italian piper for Simon Starling.


Detroit Homecoming

Mary Kramer, Darren Walker, Tonya Allen, Maura Corrigan and Kriste Dragon

Mary Kramer, Darren Walker, Tonya Allen, Maura Corrigan and Kriste Dragon

Isaiah Hemmingway was back in his hometown for the third Detroit Homecoming. Crain's Detroit Business invite-only event brings expats back home to reconnect and reinvest. The three day event consisted of fireside chats, tours, music and lots of food. The first two Detroit Homecoming events brought commitments of $260 million in investments back to the city.

Design Custom Made Sneakers

Now offering custom sneakers in full grain leather. Full grain leather refers to hides that have not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed (as opposed to top-grain or corrected leather) to remove imperfections (or natural marks) on the surface of the hide. The grain remains allowing the fiber strength and durability. The grain also has breathability, resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact. Rather than wearing out, it develops a patina during its expected useful lifetime (

The calfskin is hand polished making each shoe one-of-a-kind. We have several models to choose from or you can create your own.


Boating - A Stealthy New Yacht Stalks the Mediterranean This Summer

By: Juliana Distefano, Robb Report

Launched in early April, the 164-foot Ouranos—the first yacht in Admiral’s new C Force 50 series—holds the prestigious honor of having the lowest noise and vibration levels of any yacht ever certified by RINA Services. The no-nonsense, black-and-gray exterior design by Uniellé Yacht Design combines classic style with sleek, modern linearity. An open beach-club terrace, a huge sun pad, and a sundeck hot tub ensure guests are never far from more pampering. Full panoramic headroom windows run between the main and upper decks, allowing more natural light into the yacht’s two saloons. Ouranos will be cruising in the Mediterranean this summer before making its public debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

Shanghai Travelers' Club Shoe

Photo: Shanghai Travelers' Club magazine

Photo: Shanghai Travelers' Club magazine

We've created the official shoes for the Shanghai Travelers' Club (STC). STC is China's premier luxury travel magazine The readers of the Shanghai Travelers' Club magazine rank among the the highest-net-worth Chinese-speaking travelers.

The slipper is handmade in Naples, Italy and available by special order. For more information email us.

Rent the Largest Penthouse Suite in America

by: Rebekah Bell (Robb Report)

by: Rebekah Bell (Robb Report)

Opened in October 2015, the Mark Hotel’s grand penthouse is the largest penthouse suite in the United States, clocking in at over 12,000 square feet (including 2,400 square feet of outdoor terrace space). Housed in a historic building from 1927 on New York’s Upper East Side, the two-story penthouse is designed like a private residence but is available for rent at $75,000 per night.

Inside are five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a library lounge, a full-size chef’s kitchen with a custom-made island, and a living room that can be turned into a full-scale grand ballroom. The master suite offers a floating gas fireplace, his and her dressing rooms with walk-in closets, his and her bathrooms with heated floors, and an infinity deep-soaking tub. Cathedral ceilings and large windows let in streams of natural light, while four fireplaces add unmistakable charm. Outdoors, a private rooftop terrace overlooks the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park. Custom touches also abound, including furniture designed by Jacques Grange. And for a truly bespoke stay, guests can customize the color scheme and request their favorite linens to cater to their personal tastes.


Source: Mary Grady (Robb Report)

Passengers on business jets may soon have a new option for passing the time on long flights—a glass-enclosed SkyDeck installed at the top of the fuselage that would provide 360-degree views of the outside world. Two comfortable seats are accessed by either a staircase or an elevator, and once the passengers are aloft, the seats can be rotated to take in the view in any direction. The concept was developed by Windspeed Technologies, based in Everett, Wash., an experienced aerospace engineering firm. The company has been working on the specifications for more than a year, and have filed a patent application. The SkyDeck can be installed on private jets as a VIP amenity or as a pay-per-view feature on passenger airliners. “The concept attracted a lot of attention at the recent conference of the National Business Aviation Association, in Las Vegas,” says Shakil Hussain, the firm’s CEO. “A large aircraft manufacturer in Europe plans to start offering the SkyDeck to potential customers soon.”

The SkyDeck’s teardrop shape and minimal height will not interfere with airflow across an airplane’s fuselage and tail surfaces, and its aerodynamic profile minimizes drag. For executive jets, the added weight should be no problem, according to Windspeed, though it will add to fuel consumption. The canopy will be made from high-strength materials similar to those used in the canopies of supersonic fighter jets, and will be designed to withstand all load conditions, including bird strikes. The canopy also will be treated to prevent condensation and to protect the travelers within from ultraviolet rays. Each system will be custom-fitted to the aircraft type and will be certified to meet all safety requirements of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. The company estimates the price per aircraft at about $8 million to $25 million.



Where are you originally from?

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, but spent most of my years growing up in Staten Island. I have lived in 4 out of the 5 boroughs except The Bronx.  Maybe I should rent an apartment for a month, just to say I lived in all of the NYC boroughs I loved the hustle and bustle of Manhattan (If I had to pick a favorite) but like it much quieter these days in the suburbs, and surely don’t miss looking for a parking space!

What is your education and/or career background?

I have a degree in Atmospheric Sciences, a.k.a Meteorology from the University of Albany, New York.  No, I'm not on television, since I often get asked that question as soon as people hear “meteorologist”, but I have worked as a producer for ABC Good Morning America and for Fox 5(WNYW) both located in Manhattan. At Good Morning America, being a freelancer weather producer involved creating weather graphics, writing and vocalizing scripts to anchors and on-air personalities. Since it was not just confined to New York City, but forecasting all of the U.S.A, I really had to be up on my A-game. It was fun, but sometime stressful and challenging, especially working straight through Hurricane Katrina with numerous hourly updates to ABC affiliates. For many years, I was an on-site meteorologist for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I used weather instruments including an anemometer which measures wind direction and velocities and had the job of relaying critical information to parade officials and local government agencies, prior to and during the parade. Based on my input, officials would determine whether or not to fly balloons at lower heights or ground them due to the wind speeds. It was often quite cold many parade mornings, but was a rewarding experience, and I also had a front row seat to the parade every year. 

Currently, I own a meteorological consulting company, called Spot-On Weather.  We provide customized weather forecasts to numerous film and television productions across the United States, Canada and some as far as Europe and Asia. This consists of daily breakdowns of weather forecasts with always striving to be “spot-on” with our predictions. When dealing with the production industries, shooting exterior scenes is very weather sensitive and accurate predictions can prevent costly decisions. Of course, safety is also a top priority, so, we tend to keep a very close eye on severe weather, hurricanes or other dangerous weather phenomena. One key value of our company is access for production crews to call anytime, 24-7, to get live updates from meteorologists, something the internet cannot provide. We also provide past weather records, an industry called forensic meteorology, including government certified records, as well as court testimony and consultations to attorneys and insurance companies. If for example, a person slips and falls on ice and later files a lawsuit, we can reconstruct the weather conditions leading up and including the date of the incident .We can determine how much snow and or ice (or lack of) was on the ground at the scene of the incident. Our written reports or court testimony has aided attorneys winning a case or a motion for summary judgment.

What does an average day look like for you?

It starts at the crack of dawn, if not earlier, and even before I reach for a cup of coffee, I take a good scope at the national scene to see if any major change from the night before. Such as any new watches/warnings, severe weather, tropical systems, basically anything that popped up overnight. Once we have a handle on the current weather, its update time! Current productions will receive an early morning email for the day’s weather and what to expect the following six days, as detailed as possible, hourly breakdowns when necessary.  The morning updates take a few hours and clients may also call in at any time to get a more personal account of the day or days ahead or just to say, ‘good morning’.

Later in the morning, we switch gears to sales, administrative matters, and occasional client meetings, but never take an eye off the ‘radar’ since weather, as we know it, is always changing. By the afternoon, I need to wear a different hat, or “daddy duty” with homework, gymnastics, soccer, karate, snacks, so, I sometimes have a fellow meteorologist pitch in and help out.  Later in the day, we repeat full written updates, and then I get some downtime in the evening, unless of course, there is breaking weather occurring. It’s a busy, but very productive day in the weather world.

What are a few of the most recognizable movies and tv shows you worked on?


The Walking Dead (personal favorite!)

Fear The Walking Dead




Feature Films:

Jurassic World

The Hunger Games


The Fast & the Furious

The Wolf of Wall Street


We always like to end with this question, what in life brings you joy?

I would not be here today without the support of my family, my biggest and #1 fans. They've always been encouraging, enthusiastic, and very patient since it’s a 24-7 gig, I’m constantly working.  It’s not easy when my kids have sporting events, and I miss the “goal” or a “backflip” due to a phone call, but they get it, and I make it up to them by being much more present on the weekends.  

It also brings me joy, knowing I always wanted to be a meteorologist and was passionate about it since I was about 9 years old. I followed through with my dream. It’s funny as a youngster my parents actually had to block out the weather channel from the cable company since I became so addicted. I was inspired at a very young age, and still today, as I meet new and interesting people and keep up with the every changing technology in the field.  Looking back, as with any profession, I hit some speed bumps along the way, but I’m very happy where I landed, and have absolutely no regrets.  Although it’s hard work, the dividends paid off and it’s a wonderful feeling when an executive producer thanks me personally for making a “spot-on” weather call saving the production big bucks.


Learn more about his business here


Aviation - A look inside the world’s most luxurious private jet

by MyBroadband

The Gulfstream G650ER is considered the ultimate private jet by industry experts, and certainly lives up to that exception when it comes to the price tag – $66 million (R886 million).

The G650ER boasts a range of 13,890km when flying at Mach 0.85 (1,040km/h), which its makers claim no other business aircraft can achieve.

This allows it owners to fly direct from Hong Kong to New York, not only without stopping, but in world-class luxury.

Standard features on the plane include digital audio and high-definition video equipment, 26-inch TVs, a convection oven, porcelain dinnerware, flatware, and stemware with fitted storage – along with the ability to cruise at 15,000m above sea level.

The G650ER

The G650ER gives buyers a choice of 12 predefined floorplans, and the option to customise these layouts.